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The selection criteria for international championships and the national list for 2024 are now available!

Welcome to Belgian Triathlon (Be3)

Be3 is the umbrella of the Ligue Francophone de Triathlon LF3 and the Triatlon Vlaanderen 3VL
and was founded in 1989

In Belgium, sport is federalised, and it is the three communities that are competent for sport. There is no general national sports policy. Belgian Triathlon is mainly responsible for the national and international events and the national teams. For specific questions, one must contact the relevant leagues.

Together with my colleagues on the Executive Board, we will strive as a team to have a strong national and international presence for the benefit of all those who practice triathlon as athletes, technical officials, organisers, volunteers or enjoy it as fans and supporters.

It is a demanding task, but one that we undertake with determination and enthusiasm, in the knowledge that our efforts will benefit our youngsters and encourage them to live healthier lives and compete in a true spirit of fair play and equality.

Enjoy triathlon and duathlon whether you are an Olympian, a World Champion, a competitor, a technical official, an organiser, a volunteer, a supporter, or a spectator.

Johan Druwé
President Belgian Triathlon


"The challenge of these long training blocks isn’t any particular hard session or day; the challenge is showing up workout after workout, day after day, week after week"

Claire Michel

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Image by Scott Graham
Image by Emily Morter

Downloads all documents that you may need regarding triathlon in Belgium

Discover the Executive Board and High Performance Directors and Coaches

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